For an applicant to be eligible for funding, it must satisfy the Eligibility Requirements as stated in section 3 of the Program Guide.

While all applications meeting the program eligibility criteria given below will be considered, the Program is encouraging applications that are:

  • Deploying on-road class 3 and 5 vehicles; or
  • Deploying locomotives, marine vessels, aircraft, and off-road vehicles or equipment; or
  • Located in Nechako and Northeast economic regions of British Columbia.

If a proposed pilot project exceeds 30 total vehicles, please contact the program administration to discuss eligibility.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  • Program support is available to eligible public and private fleets.
  • The primary applicant must be a business, not-for-profit, local government, Indigenous government, or public sector organization located and operating in B.C. (excluding Provincial Ministries and Crowns, but including non-core entities, e.g. health authorities, school districts, etc.).
  • The purchaser/lessee of the vehicle technology must be the primary applicant for any CVP Program applications.
  • All businesses must be licensed to operate in British Columbia. When submitting an application to the CVP Program, a copy of a valid B.C. business license must be provided, if applicable.
  • Consortiums are welcome to apply as long as the purchaser/lessee of the vehicle and infrastructure technology is the primary applicant.

Vehicle Eligibility Requirements

The CVP Program is intended for the following proponents who are looking to deploy eligible commercial zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs):
On-road weight class 3 and 4 must deploy a minimum of six ZEVs,
On-road weight class 5 and 6 must deploy a minimum of three ZEVs,
On-road weight class 7 and 8 have no minimum vehicle deployment number, and
Off-road vehicle types have no minimum vehicle deployment number.

Applicants with projects that cannot be supported by the CVP Program may be eligible for funding through the Go Electric Rebates Program (formerly SUVI).

Supporting Infrastructure Requirements

The CVP Program supports a variety of energy infrastructure, including:
Electric charging infrastructure (Level 2 and above).
Hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.

Electric and Hydrogen Infrastructure:

New: Applications with unique charging (≥200kW per charging station) or refuelling infrastructure that can support a minimum of four Class 3-8 on-road and/or off-road ZEVs charging simultaneously, may be eligible to increase the infrastructure funding share limit from 33% to 50%. The maximum funding contribution per project that meets these criteria is set at $10 million.

For more information on the eligibility requirements, refer to the Program Guide.

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