The CleanBC Go Electric Commercial Vehicle Pilots (CVP) Program supports BC-based businesses, non-profits and public entities looking to deploy medium and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in commercial applications, along with supporting infrastructure. As part of the program, operational data will be gathered from funded projects and will be shared with other companies and organizations with the goal of increasing the adoption of ZEVs in commercial fleets in BC.

Funding is available for a wide range of zero-emission vehicle fleets and supporting infrastructure.

On-road Medium and Heavy-duty Vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles used for on-road purposes, including zero-emission trucks, cargo vans, utility vehicles and more.


Zero-emission vehicles used for air transportation, such as electric or hydrogen powered seaplanes and other aircraft.

Rail Transportation

Rail zero-emission vehicles, such as electric or hydrogen powered trains.

Boats and Marine Vessels

Marine zero-emission vehicles, such as electric or hydrogen powered boats and ferries.

Off-road Industrial Vehicles

Off-road zero-emission vehicles used for industrial purposes including zero-emission mining vehicles, construction equipment, tractors, all-terrain vehicles and more.

Energy Infrastructure

Support energy infrastructure including Level 2 and above electrical charging infrastructure or hydrogen fueling infrastructure.